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7 books from the Low Countries on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) may seem complex, but there's an abundance of approachable literature from the Low Countries that demystifies AI for everyone, regardless of technical knowledge. I've certainly learned a lot from them.

For a clear understanding of AI and its possibilities:

  • "De AI-revolutie" by Maarten Sukel (2024) - This book offers a captivating look at AI's societal impact and the revolutionary changes it brings about.

  • A.I., Artificiële Intelligentie by Lieven Scheire (2023) - Known for his ability to explain complex subjects in a humorous and accessible way, Lieven's book is no exception.

  • "Mens versus machine" by Geertrui Mieke De Ketelaere (2020) - Provides an in-depth look at the interaction between humans and machines and how this relationship shapes our future.

For practical insights into implementing AI in business:

  • "AI, de hype voorbij" by Jackie Janssen (2024) - A recent book that realistically portrays AI's potential to transform organizations from the ground up.

  • "AI in de praktijk" by Hennie Huijgens (2021) - Guides you through the world of AI implementation and how it can be applied in your work.

  • "The Good, the Bad, and the Practical, Artificiële Intelligentie voor doeners" by Benny Lauwers (2023) - A guide for those who want to practically engage with AI, offering an alternative to the grandiose language that often overshadows incremental improvements.

  • "Artificial Intelligence in actie" by Muriël Serrurier Schepper & Taco Hiddink (2019) - Perfect for those ready to devise and implement AI solutions in their organization.

  • These books offer a range of perspectives, from theoretical foundations to practical guides, and will help you understand both the opportunities and challenges of AI and how to apply it in your field.

Whether you're a manager, entrepreneur, or simply curious about AI, each of these books will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to explore the possibilities of AI. Happy reading!

Dennis Houthoofd – April 19, 2024

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